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Tolima is a light roast coffee with never-ending fruity notes and intense sweetness derived by 400 hours of fermentation.  
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Geographical AREA / TERROIR

A coffee heaven known as Tolima.

Tolima is one of 32 regions in Colombia and is considered to be one of the best optimized regions for natural coffee cultivation in Latin America. Situated in the central part of the country, the region is characterized by its rich soil, warm climate, and high altitude, providing favorable growing conditions for coffee plants. The fertile soil supplies the necessary nutrients for flavorful and high-quality beans, while the warm and humid climate and high altitude significantly influence the coffee's flavor profile.

The farmer

Mr. Omar Tinoco is a coffee pioneer in the Tolima region.

Mr. Tinoco is a true adventurer when it comes to coffee production. Always innovating, experimenting, and challenging traditional methods, he brings the most advanced and bold coffee tastes possible. With an extended 400-hour fermentation period, the coffee features a fruity taste with notes of wine, apple, and orange. The process yields a coffee with high acidity and a juicy feel.


We lightly roast Tolima beans

The light roast maintains the unique characteristics of the coffee's origin and long fermentation process, enhancing the fruity flavors and leaving a sweet aftertaste.

How to make a perfect V60 Pour-over coffee using our Tolima Beans

For coffee aficionados who savor a cup that's rich and bold with delightful fruity notes, mastering the V60 brewing method can be a truly rewarding experience. The V60, a pour-over method known for its ability to highlight intricate flavors in coffee, is perfect for those who appreciate the finer details in their brew. Here's a step-by-step guide to creating the perfect V60 cup of coffee, tailored for those who love a robust yet nuanced flavor profile.
Choosing the Right Coffee Beans: Opt for coffee beans that are known for their deep, robust flavors with hints of fruitiness. Beans from regions like Ethiopia or Kenya are often a great choice, offering complex and layered taste profiles.

Before you start - some important preparations

Grinding the Coffee:
Aim for a medium-fine grind. This consistency is ideal for the V60, as it allows for a balanced extraction – not too quick to cause under-extraction, nor too slow resulting in over-extraction. A consistent grind size is key, so use a quality burr grinder. If you don't have one- we can grind it for you.

Setting Up Your V60 and Filter: Place the V60 cone over your cup or carafe and insert a paper filter. Pre-wet the filter with hot water to eliminate any paper taste and to pre-warm the cone and cup. Discard the rinse water before proceeding.

Measuring Your Coffee:
A good ratio to start with is 1:15, coffee to water. For a 250 ml cup, you would use approximately 16-17 grams of coffee. This ratio ensures a rich flavor without overpowering the delicate fruity notes.

Brewing and Pouring technic for the V60

Brewing Temperature:
The ideal water temperature for brewing in a V60 is between 90°C to 96°C. This range is optimal for extracting the full spectrum of flavors, especially the rich and bold notes, while still capturing the fruity undertones.

Pouring Technique:
Begin with a gentle pour to wet all the grounds, using about double the weight of the coffee in water. Allow it to bloom for about 30 seconds. This step is crucial for releasing gases and ensuring even extraction. Then continue pouring in a slow, spiral motion, maintaining a consistent water level. The total brewing time should be around 2 to 3 minutes.

Once brewed, discard the used grounds and filter. Stir the coffee gently in the cup or carafe to unify the flavors. A well-brewed V60 coffee should present a clear taste profile, with the boldness and fruity notes in harmonious balance.

And don't forget to seal your Tolima bag tightly afterwards!