Espresso Coffee from Colombia, roasted in Berlin

Shade-grown premium espresso beans
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Low acidity and chocolate notes

Tayrona is our go-to Espresso beans

A dark roasted coffee with low acidity and cacao notes. Coming from coastal mountains the characteristics of Tayrona are more with nutty notes.

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Balanced sweetness

Magdalena brings joy to your cup

A balanced coffee that flirts with fruity notes and low acidity, achieved by a combination of the plant origin and our roasting profile.

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Our unique Espresso Blend

Robust Tayrona has 0 acidity

If you are looking for caffeine strength and want nothing to do with acidity, then Robust Tayrona is your to go. Its chocolaty, smooth, and strong.

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Espresso beans that are low on acidity but high on taste

Our low-acidity espresso beans are a testament to the exceptional quality that can be achieved when two crucial factors align: the unparalleled terroir of Colombia's Sierra Nevada and Cundinamarca regions, and our meticulously developed roasting profile. The Sierra Nevada, with its majestic presence along the coastal area of Colombia, and Cundinamarca, graced by the proximity to the Bogotá River, provide an extraordinary environment for coffee cultivation. These regions are distinguished not just by their altitude, which contributes to the beans' complex flavor profiles, but also by their unique proximity to significant water sources. This geographical advantage fosters a cooler climate, which in turn, slows the bean's maturation process, allowing for a more nuanced development of flavors. The result is a coffee bean that embodies the essence of its native landscape—rich, full-bodied, and remarkably low in acidity.

Our roasting process plays an equally pivotal role in the creation of our signature low-acidity espresso beans. After years of experimentation, we have perfected a unique roasting profile that delicately balances the inherent strength required for an invigorating espresso shot with the desire for minimal acidity, leading to a structured sweetness that delights the palate. This bespoke approach to roasting ensures that each bean reaches its peak flavor potential, accentuating the natural sweetness and depth of the coffee without the harshness often associated with higher acidity levels. The outcome is a smooth, flavorful espresso that stands out for its clarity and intensity, offering a satisfying experience that is both bold and harmonious.

The synergy between the rich terroirs of Sierra Nevada and Cundinamarca and our specialized roasting technique culminates in an espresso bean that is unparalleled in quality and taste. These low-acidity beans not only capture the essence of their origin with each sip but also provide a uniquely satisfying coffee experience. The meticulous attention to detail in every step of the process, from cultivation through roasting, ensures that coffee lovers can enjoy a cup of espresso that is robust in flavor yet gentle on the stomach. It's a testament to our commitment to excellence and innovation in coffee production, offering a product that is truly high on taste while being low on acidity.

Roasted with care.

Every bean needs attention

For every bean type we create a specific roasting profile.
This way we can assure that you will get the best taste out of the bean.