Our Café in Prenzlauer Berg

A welcoming place to enjoy Colombian Coffee

Our Pberg Cafe is only a 5-min walk from Schönhauser Allee, in a small side street called Czarnikauerstr. We keep it real and tend not to heavily invest in hype, so don't expect fancy interior design or anything like that here. You can, however, expect a freshly roasted Colombian coffee, brewed with care and approachable pricing. And our staff is very welcoming, as well :)

the shop

What you can find in our P.Berg shop

  • Finest Espresso and Cappuccino, as well as most commonly filter coffee brewing methods.
  • Special Pastry (Ampendas, Pastel de Nata, Home-made cookies)
  • Refreshing Drinks
  • Freshly Roasted Coffee Beans
  • Outdoor/Indoor seating area

For updated Opening hours and directions, click here:

Some Google Reviews


Hübsches Cafe mit typischem Berliner Flair. Der Cappuccino war richtig gut, die Pastel de Nata kamen lauwarm. Sehr lecker. Sehr freundliches Personal.


absolut leckerer flat white, man hat sich schon schuldig gefühlt den auszutrinken

Kevin Wollnik

Der Kaffee ist sehr good! 🤗

Und Power Drink (Cacao+Espresso) ist total köstlich!


Ich habe hier ein Geschenk für eine kolumbianische Freundin gekauft und wir haben das Café zudem einmal selbst besucht. Sie und ich waren wirklich begeistert.


It also doesn’t try to pretend to be something that it isn’t, no, the reason i stop by here almost everyday is not only the impeccable coffee, the great beans and fantastic snacks but the people behind the counter who manage, even on days of rain, where speaking to anyone might feel like a burden, to spark a sense of warmth and conversation, effortlessly, with kind words and, again, fantastic coffee.